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New Jersey Pest Control on Google Plus

The social media adventure continues! We have started a Google Plus page that will include some new stuff that’s a little different from our Facebook page. We’ll try to add videos and fresh new content! Come join us! Click here: Balance of Nature on Google Plus
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bats in attic

Bats Hold Court

Cape May Court House is an unincorporated community located within Middle Township in Cape May County, New Jersey. Here, a group of bats recently “held court” in one of the home’s attics. Bats, if not dealt with swiftly, could end up causing issues by ...
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pigeons in cages

The Pigeons of Toms River

Pigeons – love them or hate them, there is no denying the nuisance they pose to homeowners. Yet, one cannot help but admire the intelligence of the bird, one of only few animals which is actually capable of recognizing itself in a reflection. A highly ...
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Announcing Our First Winner in the Thank You Giveaway!

We have our first winner of our Thank You Giveaway! Chad B., a fan of Balance of Nature, has won a $25 gift card to WAWA. Congratulations Chad! As a Thank You to our fans, we are giving away gift cards to a randomly selected fan for every 10 likes on ...
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Thank You Giveaway!

We’ve started our Thank You Giveaway! We are so thankful for our fans, that this contest is a way to thank you for your interest in our business. So, for every 10 New Facebook Likes, we will give away a $25 gift card to WAWA to one of our fans! It’s easy ...
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perched pigeons

Fly Away Birdy

Geese, pigeons, seagulls and woodpeckers. These are just a few of the types of birds which can be a nuisance to homeowners or business owners. In large numbers, they can create a mess on your roof, or deter potential customers from frequenting an ...
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lady bug on leaf

72,000 Ladybugs Released in Mall of America

By Marc Lallanilla, Assistant Editor Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home, the nursery rhyme advises. And some 72,000 ladybugs have found a home within the Mall of America, where mall managers have released the insects inside the fully enclosed shopping and ...
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flying squirrel on screen

Altriset Termiticide

Altriset is a new reduced-risk non-repellent termiticide that provides excellent control of subterranean termites with minimal impact on the environment. Altriset will eliminate termites in less than three months and will protect your home or business for ...
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