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Welcome to Balance of Nature, Inc., your licensed New Jersey Pest Control Specialist. Balance of Nature Inc. offers New Jersey Pest Control and Wildlife Removal. We can restore your peace of mind and protect your property from wildlife invaders. Balance of Nature will rid your New Jersey home or business of termites or insect infestations. We help you regain the balance of nature.

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Brush and Debris Removal in your home and yard.The clearing of brush and debris away from the home takes away the natural habitat that insects

Bio-Hazard Cleanup

Are you suspecting that you have a rodent or other type of animal living in your home? Have you found small animal droppings in your kitchen or attic?

Solar Panel Animal Proofing System

Prevents birds and squirrels from nesting under your solar panels.Birds and squirrels chew on the system wires causing extensive damage to the solar modules or causing a fire.

Termite Treatment

Although termites are ecologically beneficial in that they break down detritus to add nutrients to soil.

Wildlife Animal Proofing Services

At Balance of Nature, it is our mission to make sure that you are able to conduct efficient and affordable animal proofing for your New Jersey home.


Batss are on therabies vector list.Bats are also carriers of fleas, mites,bat bugs and ticks. they may also carry disease in their faces and urine such as leptospirosos and samonella to name a few.

Deck & Shed Exclusions

Animals such as groundhogs, opossums, feral cats and skunks prefer to burrow under a shed or deck. Our trapping program will prevent these.

Pest Control Services

Below you will find and A-Z list of services with a short descriptions and links to photos or more information about our pest control services. We do it all.

Nuisance Wildlife Control

Wildlife seeking refuge in your homes attic and crawlspaces for the purpose of refuge of raising their young should be removed immediately.

We Provide New Jersey Termite, Pest and Wildlife Control

Also, ask about our wildlife control contracts that come with a generous warranty. You can count on us to quickly solve your nuisance wildlife problems.

We handle residential, commercial, agriculture, municipal and government pest control and animal removal problems. Contact us and we will provide you with a solution to your wildlife or insect problems. Read more about the general pest control services we provide.

Balance of Nature, Inc. is NJ State Licensed and Insured

  • We are a New Jersey Critter Control Company and
  • Certified as a New Jersey State Animal Control officer and
  • A Licensed New Jersey State trapper.
  • Balance of Nature recommends these health and safety tips!
  • We use life and building saving chemicals for New Jersey Pest Control.
  • GREEN PRODUCTS available for the environmentally concerned.
  • Call 609-294-1729 today for more information.

Read more on our Credentials and Prevention Methods


  • You see them disappear behind your gutter.
  • You hear them nesting in your attic.
  • They’ve been devouring your garden.
  • You smell a foul odor emanating from your crawlspace.
  • Balance of Nature is able to help you!


You’ll love to here that out customer always provide positive feedback after they used our service. So you are always welcome to use our service anytime.


Read our latest case study to know more about how our service works as your needs.

Mosquito Virus in New Jersey – The Deadly Tale

Mosquito Virus in New Jersey – The Deadly Tale Posted: Jul 29, 2014 12:46 PM EDT Updated: Aug 05, 2014 12:49 PM EDT By KATHY CARVAJAL, Web Producer – Click Here to View Article and Video MYFOXNY.COM/AP – Twenty New Jersey residents have tested positive for a mosquito-borne virus that has spread through the Caribbean. […]

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Skunk Removal and Skunk Control in New Jersey

Skunk Removal and Skunk Control in New Jersey Skunks are becoming active. Phone calls are coming in of people and pets being sprayed. The most common areas for skunks to take up residence are under decks, sheds and crawlspaces. We will perform a premium skunk removal service, seal the entire perimeter and warranty our work. […]

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NJ Pest Control: Mice Removal and Squirrel Removal

NJ Pest Control: Mice Removal and Squirrel Removal There are two really big Pest Control issues in New Jersey in January and February. Balance of Nature, Inc, provides services for both Mice Removal and Squirrel Removal from your home or business.Rodent problems (which include rats and mice) are most common during the winter months. Also […]

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New Pest Control Coupons For 2014

Pest Control Coupons Announcing! Balance of Nature is now offering updated Pest Control Coupons For 2014! Our New Jersey residents will be happy to see that we are offering a General Service Coupon for 10% OFF any service. First Time Customers also receive this discount. Click the image at right to print your pest control […]

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