bats in attic

Bats Hold Court

Cape May Court House is an unincorporated community located within Middle Township in Cape May County, New Jersey. Here, a group of bats recently “held court” in one of the home’s attics.

Bats, if not dealt with swiftly, could end up causing issues by creating a mess in the attic. Even worse is when a bat dies inside a home, creating a foul odor. These issues leave a homeowner with little other choice than to remove bats from the structure altogether.

Bat exclusions are harmless, and are performed in such a way as to prevent the bat from finding its way back into the structure. This specific bat problem at Cape May is no exception. If you are a homeowner in Cape May or any other county in New Jersey, expediency is key. Bat removal is not easily performed every day of the year, so be sure to contact us in order to determine if an exclusion is possible.