Why Raccoon Removal Services are so common; pesky critters.

Raccoons are usually classified as a pest species due to the fact that they have a habit of living in and around human dwellings. They are also known to be quite the nuisance leaving a trail of mischief wherever they go.  The most common raccoon complaints that would pose a need for raccoon control include the following:

Raccoons living in the attic

Raccoons living in the chimney

Tipping over garbage cans

Stealing pet food or bird seed

Sick, potentially rabid raccoon

Presence is alarming dogs/pets

Contact Balance of Nature if you have need of raccoon removal services. We provide a number of services, aimed at raccoon control.  Which either work to remove raccoons from your property, or prevent them from encroaching upon it in the first place.

Photos of Raccoons