pigeons in cages

The Pigeons of Toms River

Pigeons – love them or hate them, there is no denying the nuisance they pose to homeowners. Yet, one cannot help but admire the intelligence of the bird, one of only few animals which is actually capable of recognizing itself in a reflection.

A highly sociable creature, pigeons are born with excellent hearing and navigation abilities. Using the sun as a guide, pigeons will fly in flocks of up to three dozen birds. Widely perceived to be a dirty animal which carries disease, pigeons themselves are actually quite clean. Unfortunately, as many have experienced, their droppings can cause a mess for cars, homes, and decks.

For this reason, we were recently called to resolve a pigeon problem in Toms River, New Jersey. The pigeons were roosting on a house in the township, making nests all over the structure, and creating a mess on the edges of the home, as well as the deck. Fortunately, thanks to the use of our bird exclusion methods, the pigeons will no longer pose a problem for this New Jersey resident.