Bats and Bat Removal

Bat removal exclusion is a natural and harmless way to remove a bat, or multiple bats from your New Jersey home or business. There are phases of a bat removal process.  Exclusion should be done in such a way to prevent bats from finding their way back into the structure.  You probably would not want to go through the removal process to have the bats return.

First, it’s important that you schedule removal measures for bats at the right time of year. If juvenile bats become trapped in the structure and die, this could result in a foul odor. Consequently, it would become necessary to execute dead bat removal and also bio hazard clean up. You should also note that residential or commercial bats will roost in any structure that suits their needs. So, maybe the thought of bats flying through your home in the middle of the night does not appeal to you, contact us for a removal inspection. We will provide you with a removal service that best suits your needs.

Photos of Bats and Bat Exclusion in New Jersey