Mosquito Control Throughout NJ

Our mosquito control ensures that you and your family can enjoy your outdoor activities, special events, and outdoor living spaces free of mosquitoes and other annoying insects! We look forward to working with you and providing you a mosquito free environment.

Let Our Mosquito Control Services Help You

Mosquitoes transmit many diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, West Nile, Yellow fever and Dengue Fever as well as the most recent virus – Chikungunya. Some species can also transmit heartworm to dogs.

A recent article mentioned that twenty NJ residents recently came down with chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus.  This happened after returning to New Jersey from the Caribbean. Chikungunya causes a high fever and in addition to severe pain in the joints. It is rarely fatal. No vaccine exists, and the main treatment for those who have contracted chikungunya is pain medication.

Health officials urged residents to prevent mosquito bites but said there was no cause for alarm. Read Full Story.

Call us for your special outdoor event without mosquitoes!

A mosquito control and reduction program would be good to do a few days before and outdoor event! You are greatly reducing your risk and exposure to disease-transmitting mosquitoes for the property owner and for the guests. There is nothing worse than celebrating a beautiful day in the outdoors only to have pesky mosquitoes ruin the day. This treatment is also effective on ticks. This would be beneficial for caterers, outdoor restaurants, golf courses, bars, and lounges.

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What prevention steps do we take?

Our mosquito control and reduction programs are achieved with various techniques. The first step is to locate the sources, landing areas and then start our treatment. We use spray insecticide, growth regulators, power sprayers, misting machines, habitat modification and eliminate sources of standing water.  We treat the property, trees, foliage, under decks, sheds, porches and barrier treatments. Some of our products consist of a microencapsulated formula and also larvacides.

How long with the mosquito spray last?

Depending on the weather and the amount of rainfall, irrigation & lawn sprinklers the mosquito treatment usually lasts between 4-6 weeks but most of our treatments are lasting 6-8 weeks.