New Jersey Mole / Vole Control Services

Mole Removal and Control in New Jersey. We can also help with Vols (female moles)

Mole Removal & Vole Control

Need to Get Rid of Moles & Voles in your yard?

Moles under your lawn:

Moles spend most of its time underground, foraging in shallow burrows for earthworms, grubs, beetles, insect larvae and some plant matter. It is active year round. Moles can dig up the soil in your lawn and garden and create molehills, which pose a danger to lawnmower blades and housing.

Voles on your property:

Voles are commonly called meadow mice or field mice. While voles are excellent swimmers, they are poor climbers. They do not usually enter homes or other buildings. Meadow voles generally inhabit grassy areas and wet meadows while pine voles are usually found in deciduous and Pine forests with thick leaf litter or heavy ground cover. Most problems around homes and gardens occur during times of large meadow mouse populations. Voles become nuisance wildlife when they inhabit areas adjacent to buildings including gardens and landscaped sites with protective ground cover.

Moles and Lawn Damage

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Moles may be classified as a pest if they dig up soil in your lawn and garden.

Molehills even have the potential to cause significant damage to lawnmower blades and housing.

mole on ant hill

We Offer Vole Control Services

We offer methods of getting rid of and trap these pesky creatures easily. Particularly with trapping, patience and persistence are the keywords. Trapping moles with mole traps is usually easiest during the spring and fall with mole activity is at a peak. Trapping in the spring can also eliminate the pregnant females, reducing the population.

If you suspect a mole or vole control issue in your New Jersey home, call 609.294.1729 and ask for Jerry at Balance of Nature today.

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Mole removal

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Mole control in New Jersey