New Jersey Mice & Rats Control Services

Dangers of Rodents in Your Home

We all know that rodents do not tend to be the cleanest of animals, along with rodent removal. Still, we often underestimate the danger rodents pose to our health and to our property. Rodents, such as mice or rats will gain entry to a dwelling by chewing holes, or using gaps in a structure that are already present due to faulty construction.

They leave unseen urine and feces on table surfaces, drawers and even kitchen utensils.  Which if consumed or inhaled, may cause disease. The spread of the deadly hantavirus is particularly worrisome. In addition, rodents may also be carrying fleas, ticks and mites. To make matters worse, rodents even pose a fire hazard, as they will often chew on electrical wires throughout a buildings.

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New Jersey Mice Extermination Is Needed Most Often in Winter Season

It is worth noting that rodent problems (which include rats and mice) are most common during the spring, fall and winter months. Contact us today!

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Rodent Removal and Prevention Plan- Keep Them From Your Home

Rodents will actually sample a small bit of food before consuming it entirely. This is to ensure that it does not make them sick. They tend to have a cautious nature, which can make rodent removal tricky. Because of this, rodenticide (better known as rat poison), is often the preferred chemical of choice for rodent elimination. Tasteless, odorless, yet lethal, rodents will not realize that the poison is harmful until it is too late. This is because the effects of rodenticide take at least a week to fully set in.

When rodenticide may not be the most optimal choice, familiar old fashioned methods may be used.  Such as setting mouse and rat traps to control the problem.

Preventing rodents from returning to a dwelling is also a crucial step of the process.In order to keep rodents from gaining entrance in the future, we can do an exclusion on the entire structure of your [URLParam param=’c’] home. Additionally, we can seal all cracks and crevices in the foundation, apply sealant around pipes and wires, as well as screen off attic and crawlspace vents.