bat wings spread on tree bark


Many species of bats are native in the state of New Jersey, including some endangered species. Bats can be both a nuisance and also very beneficial at the same time. As of August 1 st, the regulation that is held on bats will be temporarily lifted. This ...
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bug on wood

Powassan Virus in New Jersey

The deadly virus, Powassan, has been seen in the news lately. Each year the cases are becoming more prevalent. It is unknown whether the prevalence is due to the fact that the virus among the tick population has grown or if medically doctors finally have ...
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Tick-Borne Illnesses

To all my fellow moms and parents out there, Is it just me or has the media been flooded with news of tick-borne diseases? I am 27 years old, I don’t ever remember my parents having the anxiety that I do about my daughter playing outside. I played with ...
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mosquito peircing skin

Zika Virus 2017

Zika Virus presented a widespread scare in 2016 for many reasons. However, once the weather began to change, and fall and winter arrived it was as if Zika Virus had died, and we had nothing left to worry about. This is far from the truth. Zika Virus still ...
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two bugs on finger

Deadly tick-borne virus is on New Jersey’s radar

By Dino Flammia | New Jersey 101.5 | Health and Wellness According to state epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan with the New Jersey Department of Health, there was one confirmed case of Powassan virus in 2013, and one in 2014. The 2013 case resulted in a ...
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coyote running

Coyotes take over New York’s Swanky Neighborhoods

The last thing New Yorker’s want to see is a coyote dodging traffic roaming the streets of Queens or the financial district. They live and roam at night in the wooded parks of New York City, where coyotes are drawn to the city drawn by rats or mice to ...
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termite build up

Bat Bites Can Cause Rabies in New Jersey

A news article from reports that there is a live bat in South Brunswick, NJ that was tested positive for rabies. Call Jerry at Balance of Nature to help with your Bat Problems. We will clean up your home and prevent bats from reentering where their ...
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