Humane Wildlife Control and Removal in New Jersey

Humane Wildlife Control and Removal in New Jersey

Our services offer humane methods for critter control of wildlife, such as: groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, bats, mice, rabbits, muskrats, beavers, moles and also other types of wildlife. All animals are trapped and relocated in a humane manner.

We Provide Critter Control For Your Home

We often underestimate the danger rodents pose to our health and to our property. Rodents, such as mice or rats, will often gain entry by chewing holes or using gaps in the structure that are already present due to faulty construction. Rodents often leave unseen urine and feces on surfaces, drawers and even kitchen utensils. If consumed or inhaled, consequently you might contract a disease such as the deadly hantavirus. Additionally, rodents can carry fleas, ticks and mites.  Making matters worse, rodents also pose a fire hazard, as they will often chew on electrical wires throughout a buildings. Get in touch with us today!

gopher in cage standing

Groundhog Control and Removal

Get rid of groundhogs from your home and yard permanently! We offer a humane way of catching and relocating animals.More Information

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Mice and Rat Removal

Rodent problems are more likely to occur in the spring, fall and winter months. The use of old-fashioned mouse or rat traps may be sufficient enough to eliminate the problem.More Information

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Opossum Control

Opossums can live in your attic, under your deck, or in your home. They often steal food, such as bird seed and pet food. We offer humane ways of dealing with these creatures.

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Squirrel and Flying Squirrel Removal

Generally, the best way to avoid squirrels in the attic is by sealing weak areas, such as ventilation areas. Some may opt for only sealing the entrance hole, but a full warrant is not provided for this service.View more