Wild Chicken Chase


Farmingdale, NJ
April 4, 2002

Farmingdale borough residents have been overrun with a flock of wild chickens for the past few years. Our problem started with only a few quiet chickens roaming the neighborhood, they seemed like they were peaceful and not causing any trouble. After a couple of months the feral chickens started to multiply and became out of control taking over the town, destroying gardens, defecating on cars and porches, chasing children and causing traffic problems.

The mayor of the borough has had an overwhelming amount of phone calls about this issue and decided to contact Balance Of Nature Wildlife Control of Tuckerton, NJ to resolve their problem.

By using traps, nets, cages, and funnel type devices, the chicken problem was resolved in three days making the townspeople happy once again. The chickens were donated to a local farm in Barnegat, NJ. The humane practices of Balance Of Nature were extremely impressive as well as efficient. Balance Of Nature inc. is a fully equipped termite, pest and wildlife control company able to resolve any pest problem you can encounter.