bat wings spread on tree bark



Many species of bats are native in the state of New Jersey, including some endangered species. Bats can be both a nuisance and also very beneficial at the same time. As of August 1 st, the regulation that is held on bats will be temporarily lifted. This is the time of year we, as a wildlife and pest control
company, perform bat exclusions to remove the bats from your home.

Bats are a nuisance when they enter your home and take over your attic as their home. When bats live in an attic space you can expect bat guano (feces), and other damages. Because bats can carry the rabies virus, and other unhealthy infections it is important to remove the bats, guano and any contamination out of your home. When there is one bat there is more than likely more bats. Most bats
live in colonies so it is very easy for the contamination aspect and damages to accelerate quickly.

As a licensed and insured pest control company, we will come into your home and perform a full inspection. We will analyze the roof, roof line, attic and crawlspace for possible entry points these animals are using. Once entry points are identified, exclusion devices are installed, and managed according to specific State and Federal regulations. Once the exclusion devices are removed, the entry points are sealed, and warrantied by us. At this point, clean out services are normally needed. We rip-out and remove old damaged insulation from your property in a sanitary manner. We use commercial grade vacuums equipped with hepa-filters and high-grade disinfecting and deodorizing chemicals. We then install all new insulation, leaving you with a clean space.

I cannot stress how important it is to you, the safety of your family, and the livelihood of these creatures that a professional, licensed and insured company handles any kind of bat issues. Here at Balance of Nature Inc. we are highly qualified to handle all of your bat control needs. We are extremely
knowledgeable, licensed, insured, and educated on not just how to handle the wildlife, but how to properly clean up after them. We offer biohazard clean out services and ensure the situation is handled the right way. Please contact us here at Balance of Nature Inc. for all your bat removal needs, 609-294-1729.

Although bats can be dangerous and a nuisance, they are also very beneficial. A bats main diet is insects. When bats are present on your property they are a great help with eliminating various different pesky bugs that are also a nuisance to have. We recommend building a bat house. There are many benefits of installing a bat house, you are not only giving the bat a home to prevent him from making
your home his, but rewarded with the benefits of these creatures helping to maintain the bug level on your property and helping to preserve some of the endangered bat populations. Remember to install the bat house on a post or tree away from your home.

*In regards to Bats, we service nearly all of New Jersey.
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