Pest Control Services

Below you will find and A-Z list of services with a short descriptions and links to photos or more information about our pest control services. We do it all.

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Animal Carcass Removal

In the event an animal dies in your wall, ceiling, attic, crawlspace or anywhere else on your property, we remove and disinfect the area. The area is then sprayed with an odor neutralizer.

Attic / Crawl Restoration

Insulation of attic and crawlspaces due to lost R-Value (insulating efficiency) caused by animal and rodent damage, urine/feces or just old and dusty. Replaced with non-formaldehyde insulation.

Attic Fan Covers

Attic fan covers prevent animals such as squirrels & raccoons from gaining entrance to your attic area.

Attic & Gable Screens

Attic & gable screens can be installed to help prevent raccoons and squirrels from entering your home from these areas.

Bat Control and Bat Removal – Bats in the attic

Exclusion is done in a natural and harmless way, but it must be done during the right time of year. Exclusion is done in such a way as to prevent the bats from reentering the structure.

Bed Bug Elimination

While bed bugs are usually not dangerous, they are still a nuisance. Their bites create noticeable marks on a person’s skin, and they are known to sometimes cause allergic reactions. However, we provide services which eliminate bed bugs, while preserving the well being of your bedroom.

Bio-Hazard Cleanup (Animal Feces)

Cleaning out of bat guano (feces), raccoon & bird droppings, hair & urine, and soiled insulation in attics, soffits and other areas of infestation. Will be removed from the premises with the use of hepa-filter vacuums. This also aids in reducing the risk of infectious diseases associated with bat droppings, as well as other animal diseases such as histopasmosis, raccoon roundworm, and rabies.

Bird Guards

Bird guards are installed over bath fan & dryer vents to prevent nesting birds such as sparrows and starlings from clogging the vent with nesting nesting material causing damage or even worse, a fire.

Black Bear Control

We offer control services for black bears posing problems throughout New Jersey.

Brush & Debris Removal 

The removal of brush and debris away from the home takes away the habitate that insects, rodents and other types of wildlife use for cover.

Attic / Crawl Restoration

Insulation of attic and crawlspaces due to lost R-Value (insulating efficiency) caused by animal and rodent damage, urine/feces or just old and dusty. Replaced with non-formaldehyde insulation.

Chimney Caps

The installation of chimney caps prevents animals from entering the fireplace or living quarters of the home such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, flying squirrels, birds and wood ducks. Chimney caps are available in stainless steel, copper, galvanized or black.

Cicada Prevention

Because the cicada is a flying insect which tends to land extremely high in the treetops, there are not many types of treatments to eliminate them. However, by applying the surrounding brush and spraying the trees as high as possible, there is a chance of reducing the amount of cicadas as long as they come into contact with the chemical. We provide a thorough treatment for those wishing to prevent cicada invasions, but there are no guarantees for this service.

Crawl Space Vents

We replace crawlspace vents to help alleviate moisture and provide ample cross ventilation. A well ventilated crawlspace will help prevent damage to your wood and insulation. It will also prevent moisture thriving insects from entering your home, such as rodents, snakes, termites, carpenter ants, crickets, silverfish and more.

Deer Culling 

Deer culling consists of thinning out the herd by means of shooting. This is usually done on farms, estates, or other types of property where deer are causing extreme damage or safety issues.

Drain Foaming (Drain Flies)

Let us disinfect the drains in your home or place of business to remove odors, drain flies and sugar snakes (from soda fountains).

Dryer Vent Clean-Out

Dryer vents should be cleaned at least once a year to help prevent fires & allow the clothes to dry faster saving money and energy. Our dryer vent cleaning system allows us to work from the exterior of your homes removing the build up of clothing lint.

Effective Bird Control

We offer effective bird control methods for Canadian geese, ducks, pigeons, seagulls, starlings, sparrows, woodpeckers and other types of birds. We have a large variety of tools at our disposal including antilanding devices such as bird spikes, shock tracks, bird slopes, bird wire, bird gel and bird nets. Electronic devices include both sonic and ultrasonic systems, while visual and taste deterrents include FlightControl PLUS and Irri-Tape. If all else fails, we may employ daily constant harassment using dogs, lasers, decoys, cannons and hazing.


Placing physical barriers to prevent access and pest proliferation can be highly effective.

Feral Cat Control

Services are provided in order to harmlessly capture feral cats which pose a problem to your property.

Fox and Coyote Control

Control services are offered to properly capture fox and coyotes that begin encroaching certain areas throughout New Jersey.

Groundhog Control and Groundhog Removal

We offer humane groundhog control methods for groundhog problems in New Jersey.View Details 

Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers are installed in the crawlspace area to help prevent moisture from rising up causing damage to your wood, insulation and again, aiding in the prevention of moisture thriving insects.

Gutter Protection and Cleaning

Cleaning gutters helps prevent moisture build up causing wood rot, mold, breeding of mosquitoes & infestation of termites & carpenter ants. Pest Armor Gutter Protectors will keep your gutters clear of debris and leaves.

Humane Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal

We offer human wildlife control methods for groundhogs, raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, bats, mice, snakes, rabbits, muskrats, beavers, geese, seagulls woodpeckers, moles, coyotes, foxes, feral cats, deer, turtles and other types of wildlife. All animals removed this way are HUMANELY trapped and relocated.

Insect & Rodent Proofing

Crack & crevice treatment with copper mesh, silicone, cobra or ipf foam. This is a great preventive measure to help alleviate rodent and insect pests from entering your home. After a thorough inspection of your home’s interior and exterior, all cracks & crevices will have a residual pesticide applied followed by a sealant in which the situation calls for.

Jobsite Cleaning / Debris Removal

Trash, wood, metal, roof shingles, sheetrock, insulation etc. property & estate clean outs.

Mice and Rat Removal

Rodenticide is one of the primary methods of eliminating mice, rats or other rodents from a domicile. Otherwise, old fashioned mouse or rat traps may be sufficient to eliminate the problem. Rodent prevention may be done in the form of an exclusion for an entire structure, sealing all cracks, crevices and other openings which may serve as a point of entry.View Details

Mold Prevention

Have your home pre treated for mold. Mold is in all homes to some degree. Mold may have been brought in on your building materials, poor ventilation, poor drainage, water leaks or storm damage. We can help prevent the growth of toxic mold by treating exposed wood in damp/humid areas such as crawlspaces. We also install dehumidifier which also aid in the prevention of mold growth.

Mole Control

They may dig up the soil in your lawn and garden, creating molehills which pose a danger to lawnmower blades and housing. Methods exist to prevent moles from digging up your soil so easily. VIew detail

Odor Neutralizing

Odors caused by skunks spraying, dead animals, pets, mildew, smoking and more. Our odor neutralizer will destroy the odor. This is not a masking scent; this is a malodor destroyer that attacks the enzymes making a permanent solution to your odor problem.

Opossum Control

Opossums may live in your attic, or under your deck or home. They steal pet food, bird seeds, and may alarm your pets. However, humane control methods are offered to handle these opossum problems.

Otter Control

Otter control services are provided for ponds, streams and pools.

Power Washing

Power washing green and black mold off your home helps it dry faster and not retain as much moisture. This will help in reducing the infestation of moisture thriving insects and wood rot.

Raccoon Control and Raccoon Removal – Raccoons in the attic

Raccoons have a habit of living in human dwellings. Fortunately, humane control services are provided for raccoons.

Real Estate Inspection and Certification

Wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections include inspecting for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and wood boring beetles. This is not just a termite inspection as some may believe. Call us for an honest (WDI) inspection. All findings are recorded for your benefit. Do not feel pressured to use a realtors inspector, call us for a prompt, honest and thorough inspection.

Road Kill Deer Removal

Removal of dead deer on your property or roadside is provided for residential, private, state, county or township. Call us for a quote for Road Kill Removal services.

Skunk Control

A member of the weasel family, trapping programs are offered as a solution to remove unwanted skunks. Call us for a quote for skunk removal.

Snake Removal

We can remove snakes from your home or place of business. If you find a snake and you do not know whether or not it is venomous, the safest thing to do is leave it alone and call us and will come trap it for you. If anyone is bitten by the snake, you should seek medical attention.

Skunk Control

A member of the weasel family, trapping programs are offered as a solution to remove unwanted skunks. Call us for a quote for skunk removal.

Snapping Turtle Control

Contact us for information on controlling snapping turtle problems.

Squirrel and Flying Squirrel Removal – Squirrels in the attic

Sealing an entire structure is generally the best way to avoid squirrel problems epecially squirrels in the attic. Some may opt for only sealing the entrance hole, but a full warrant is not provided for this service. Sealing weak areas, such as ventilation areas, are also a good way to avoid problems with squirrels. Click here for cities where we do squirrel removal.View Details

Termite Damage Repair and Termite Control

Replace damaged wood in crawlspaces, sill plates, and walls.

Termites and Other Wood Destroying Insects

Termites and other wood destroying insects (WDI) may be removed through treatment methods. This may be done through trenching soil around the foundation, injecting the chemical with a soil rod, and then backfilling the trench. As a Termidor and Phantom Certified pest management company, these problems are just a quick phone call away from being solved.View Details

Tree Trimming

Tree branches should be trimmed far enough from the home to help prevent squirrels, raccoons, opossums, rodents, flying squirrels, ants and other types of insects from accessing the roof from those areas.

Services We Provide

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