About Balance Of Nature

As an Integrated Pest Management certified company, Balance of Nature is legally allowed to use specialized pest management techniques which are both effective and environmentally sensitive. With this IPM certification, we can carry out assignments in a large deal of venues including public schools and government buildings, which often require a more judicious use of pesticides and extermination methods.

Not only are we one of the few IPM certified pest management companies in New Jersey, but our credentials are further strengthened by our status as a licensed New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor. This license is obtained through a rigorous process of applying through the state and filling out an application, complete with a background check, proof of ownership and proof of liability insurance. This license is valuable, as it proves to clients that the contractor is a legitimate and insured business.

Credentials: Balance Of Nature, Inc

President / Owner of Balance of Nature, Inc. since 1985

Secretary of National Wildlife Control Officers Association – NJ Chapter. Since Jan. 2007

Vice President of New Jersey Wildlife Damage Control Association. Since Jan. 2006

BCI-Certified Bat Exclusion Professional.

BCI-Certified Bat Exclusion Professional.

NJ State Certified Animal Control Officer.

NJ State Licensed Trapper-Snare Certified.

NJ State Licensed Pesticide Applicator.

Member – Southern Ocean Chamber Of Commerce.

Anyone can attempt pest control on a limited scale, but only a licensed specialist can do so with confidence and safety for your peace of mind.

We are committed to providing high quality Pest Control services that protect your home and business. Our history and our credentials prove it.