25 dollar giveaway for sharing page

Who Will Win the BIG Prize in the Thank You Giveaway?

The Balance of Nature Facebook page reached 140 ‘likes’. Know what that means? Another winner in our Thank You Giveaway! For reaching 140 ‘likes’, Terrone Sheffey was randomly selected to be the fourth recipient of a $25 WAWA Gift Card. Congratulations Terrone!

To date, the following are our current winners in the Thank You Giveaway:

110 fans: Chad Bennett
120 fans: Leanne Kern-Nilson
130 fans: Teri Walker
140 fans: Terrone Sheffey

If you’re not one of those winners, don’t fret! We’re just 6 ‘likes’ away from triggering our BIG 150 fan giveaway. For a chance to win our final, larger prize, SHARE our page, and encourage your friends and family to LIKE Balance of Nature at www.facebook.com/NJPestManagement