snake on wood and leaves

Bats, Ticks, Snakes – Oh My!


The months of July and August pose a series of unique pest control problems. In particular, this includes bats, deer ticks, and snakes.

Bats may seem relatively harmless, but they are actually on the rabies vector list. Therefore, extra care is needed to ensure that bat infestations are properly resolved. Furthermore, deer ticks can present additional problems during these particular summer months. While ticks may cause problems during other parts of the year, they are most active when the weather is warmer. Deer ticks carry lyme disease, so it is often a good idea to make sure you wear long clothing if you ever plan to venture into wooded or grassy areas.

Most snakes are harmless, but that provides little comfort for those with ophidiophobia (a fear of snakes)! However, the fear is not completely unfounded. There are snakes during this time of year which may be aggressive enough to bite and leave a puncture wound. New Jersey even has a poisonous snake called the timbler rattlesnake which is capable of lethally biting someone. This type of snake can be recognized by its pattern of dark brown or black spots on top of a lighter brown background.