cat in cage

Kitten Rescue

Losing any kittens lately? A Hammonton homeowner did, and it could have ended badly for the diminutive house pet. Because of the home’s old construction, the kitten was able to climb up the wall and go between the floor and ceiling of the first and second floor. Fortunately, the homeowner eventually heard the distinctive purr of his kitten, and called Balance of Nature.

After marking the area on the ceiling where the noise was coming from, a square cut was made in order to retrieve the pet. The kitten was shaken but alive, despite having been trapped for over a week. Fortunately, a local veterinarian kindly volunteered to take care of the kitten, and for their assistance, a donation was given in support.

Ultimately, we advised the homeowner to call a sheet rocker to repair the cut portion of the ceiling. While cutting the wall or ceiling may seem like a drastic method, it is often the only way to keep the walls clear of animals. In most cases, the animals stuck behind walls are much more objectionable than a small kitten. Approximately 2 to 5 times each month, we receive calls about animals stuck behind walls. These animals include lizards, and even snakes!