destroyed trees due to termites

Beaver Damage

Who would have thought beavers could cause so much damage? In Marlton, New Jersey, beavers wreaked havoc on a large assortment of trees. Why is this such a problem? Well, it isn’t so much an issue on its own. Beavers seek the same thing we do: food, safety, and shelter; and meandering streams of water flanked by trees or other vegetation provide those needs fully.

Unfortunately, beavers are nowadays more likely to inhabit territory occupied by humans. This means increased damage to expensive trees that may have been intentionally placed for landscaping purposes, as well as damage to people’s well kept lawns. Even worse is the danger of flooding caused by the creation of beaver dams. This flooding can cause significant damage to a home’s foundation.

To make matters worse, beavers are not easily frightened, and they become more difficult to remove once they’ve established their territory. Fencing off property may be the best way to prevent beaver problems in the first place, but such methods may be too late for someone suffering from the high cost of beaver damage.

If you have a beaver problem, rest assured that solutions are available. Beavers are seldom killed during the removal process. Instead, humane wildlife removal is often opted for in the form of trapping the creature.