baby squirrel

Flying Squirrels Incoming!


Get Rid of Squirrels From Your Home

Flying squirrels incoming! Winter is mating season, and it is the prime time of year for flying squirrels to invade your home. Flying squirrels, with their soft, gray fur, do not actually fly. They instead use a thin membrane called a patagium, which allows them to glide a distance of 150 feet or more from a height of 60 feet. Although they are more troublesome during the winter months, flying squirrels are active year-round.

A Flying squirrel epidemic becomes a notable issue whenever they find shelter in an area of your home. They may gain access through vents, eaves, and other open areas in a structure. Flying squirrels can be blocked out of your home by closing these openings, but it is not recommended to do this if the flying squirrel is already inside. So, instead of trapping a flying squirrel which is already in your home, it is instead imperative to give us a call, so that we can look into trapping and removing the creature. Otherwise, if left unchecked, the flying squirrel may cause damage by chewing on areas of your home.

Grey squirrels also cause similar problems during these months, but there are some differences. Check back here soon for more information on winter squirrel problems!