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Estate Inspection; Prompt, Honest and Thorough


Estate Inspection

Who would have thought that such little things could endanger the structural integrity of an entire building? By attacking the cellulose of the wood, cardboard, or sheetrock throughout a building, Wood Destroying Insects (WDIs) are not to be taken lightly.Don’t feel pressured to use a realtors inspector! If you believe your home contains WDIs, just call us for a prompt, honest and thorough Real Estate Inspection. This is not just a simple termite inspection as some may believe.

Termites and other wood destroying insects may be removed through treatment methods. This may be done through trenching soil around the foundation, injecting the chemical with a soil rod, and then backfilling the trench. As a Termidor and Phantom Certified pest management company, these problems are just a quick phone call away from being solved.