raccoon on roof

This season, watch for raccoons, bats, squirrels and termites in your home.

Call us this spring for your termite, pest and wildlife problems. See our monthly specials page for a 10% off coupon! Here are some things to watch out for in your home in April and May.

RACCOONS – Spring is the time that raccoons may be breaking into your home to have their young. If you think you have raccoons in your attic, walls, etc, call us and we will come to remove the raccoons and seal your home to prevent further intrusion. You will also receive a warranty upon completion of the job.

TERMITES – It is termite swarming season! Call us for an inspection of your home or business. If you have termites we will treat them and then protect your home from these wood destroying insects.

IN THE ATTIC OR SHED – Bats, raccoons and squirrels may find their way to your attic. Groundhogand skunks may be moving in and living under your decks or sheds. Call us for removal of these critters.
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