caught squirrel

Squirrels Abound

Clever and persistent, one may not suspect a squirrel of causing much harm. Oftentimes, they are viewed as nothing more than another obstacle to avoid during your morning drive to work. However, this could not be further from the truth. The problems squirrels pose may range from something as minor as seeds stolen from your bird feeder, to something far more serious – a fire caused by chewed wiring. Fires caused by squirrels may be rare, but also consider the very real possibility of squirrels introducing fleas or ticks into your dwelling, not to mention the damage they cause to your garden!

With that said, squirrels can be trapped and removed, including flying squirrels. Indeed, flying squirrels may pose the exact same problems as their average, land-dwelling equivalent. Other measures to prevent these squirrels from causing problems is seal an entire structure, or simply seal the entrance hole. This may include sealing all weak areas, dormers, soffits, fascias, gable vents, attic fans and roof vents.

Fortunately, squirrel prevention services are provided in all the counties we serve. The warranty may vary depending on the level of service provided, but if you suffer from a squirrel problem, feel free to call for a quote.