black snake

Slither Away! Ask For Our Repellant to Keep Snakes at Bay!

A large amount of snake calls are coming in. Snakes in the attic, snakes in the garage, snakes in the garden and even snakes in a car. One snake to look out for is the black racer. Although they are not poisonous, they are extremely aggressive and can inflict a painful bite which may get infected. Other snakes which are bothering residents include the black rat snake, banded water snake, and the common garter snake. Even though most of these snakes will pose no direct danger, you can’t be blamed for wanting them out of your backyard!

We Can Help — Our snake control program will help keep snakes at bay. This includes our special brand of snake repellant. Also, because snakes eat frogs and toads, which in turn eat insects, our general pest perimeter treatment is included alongside our repellant. By removing insects from your property, snakes will be less inclined to slither throughout your property. In other words, it ensures that the food chain doesn’t reach your front door! If necessary, your home may also be sealed, as snakes may enter your home and attic through small openings in the structure.