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Raccoon Removal and Bio Hazard Clean Up

It’s time. The raccoons are breaking into attics to have their pups. They may stay in the attic area or go down a wall or between a floor and ceiling on a multi level home.

The damage caused will be urine & feces on the insulation as well as damaged, torn apart duct work or wires. Oh, lets not forget the fleas they leave behind.

The attic area usually needs a bio hazard clean out after the raccoons are removed. Insulation removed,clean all stained wood, Hepa-vac all residue, disinfect & deodorize and finally, re-insulate the attic area.

Our wildlife control/abatement comes with a warranty against animals gaining entrance to the home. The structure will be reinforced, soffits, fascias, roof vents, attic fans and gable vents.