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Welcome to Balance of Nature, Inc., your licensed New Jersey Pest Control Specialist. Balance of Nature Inc. offers New Jersey Pest Control and Wildlife Removal. Termites, raccoons, bats, mice, animals & more! We can restore your peace of mind and protect your property from wildlife invaders. We help you regain the balance of nature. Click here to read our testimonials.

Balance of Nature will rid your South Jersey home or business of termites or insect infestations. We also provide New Jersey with efficient and humane wildlife removal of unwanted animal guests such as:

Raccoon and Wildlife Control New Jersey

We Provide Humane Raccoon Removal in New Jersey

Also, ask about our wildlife control contracts that come with a generous warranty. You can count on us to quickly solve your nuisance wildlife problems.

Balance of Nature, Inc. is a state licensed and insured New Jersey pest control company as well as a certified New Jersey State Animal Control officer and a licensed New Jersey State trapper. Read more about our Credentials.

You see them disappear behind your gutter.
You hear them nesting in your attic.
They’ve been devouring your garden.
You smell a foul odor emanating from your crawlspace.

We handle residential, commercial, agriculture, municipal and government pest control and animal removal problems. Contact us and we will provide you with a solution to your wildlife or insect problems. Read more about the general pest control services we provide.

  • We provide health and safety through INSECT PREVENTION & ELIMINATION! Read more about our Integrated Pest Management Services.
  • We use life and building saving chemicals for New Jersey Pest Control.
  • GREEN PRODUCTS available for the environmentally concerned.
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We provide New Jersey Pest Control and Wildlife Removal in the Following local counties: